Crushed Broad bean 600g

3,50  (incl. vat.)

Finnish broad bean flour

Nutritional value (100 g):
Energy 1524 kJ/364
Protein 33 g
Carbohydrate 58,5 g
Fat 1 g

Store in a dry and cool place.

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Good food is versatile and contains enough protein. According to many recommendations, the share of protein in the total daily energy requirement is 17-25%. People over 65 years of age need even more protein.

Energy 1524 kJ/364 kcal, fat 1 g, carbohydrates 58.5 g, of which sugars 2.0 g and starch 39 g, protein 33 g, dietary fiber 25 g, Sodium 0.01 g, Potassium 9 microg, Calcium 103 mg , Phosphorus 421 mg, Iron 6.7 mg, Zinc 3.1 mg, Vitamin A 31.8 microg, Vitamin C 1.4 mg and folic acid 423 microg. May contain traces of other cereals.