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High-protein and fiber-rich products for home and gourmet kitchens made from purely domestic ingredients from finnish farms. Our broad bean products taste great with various side dishes or on their own. We reduce nutrient runoff into the Baltic Sea by cultivating a large part of the broad beans with restorative agriculture, where nutrient-binding and carbon-binding plants are cultivated after the broad beans. In our selection, you can find a tasty protein flake for your breakfast or salad, broad bean grits and tasty broad bean pasta, also gluten-free.

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The beginning of Vihrea Harka

In Kalanti, Finland, Yli-Pihanpera is one of the locality’s so-called stock farms. The farm produced charcoal for Ruukki of Mannainen, located in the center of Kalanti, in the 18th century. With different sea captains as owners during the first 50 years from 1800 to 1850, the farm changed hands several times and in the 1860’s I think the first era of farming began.

The main building was built in 1893, and at least based on what I myself sawed a piece of a 20 cm lower log, the trees had started to grow for the house around the 18th century.

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New products

The Vihrea Harka vegetable farm cultivates and further processes broad beans. As a rule, we buy beans from other farmers, either organically or conventionally grown. They are cultivated either conventionally or restoratively (increasing soil carbon resources). We want to offer the cook uncomplicated domestic ingredients that strain nature as little as possible, but contain plenty of important nutrients.

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